Liverpool FC Goals EPL 08 09

Ambitions scored by Liverpool during the 2008/09 time in the English Premier League. Liverpool had been the leading scorers in the league final time with with 77 objectives. Gerrard(sixteen) was the best scorer followed by Torres(14).
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25 Responses to “Liverpool FC Goals EPL 08 09”

  1. CaptainOvious123 Says:

    Can’t watch a single Liverpool video without some dickhead criticising Lucas.. some people never learn.

  2. m7h7d7 Says:

    that was the best team in football history.You will never walk alone.Reds are coming back

  3. LiverpoolForeverZ Says:

    @Palotai3 Too bad he liked Lucas who did nothing.

  4. rorykfuff Says:

    this was the season we should have won it! so close…

  5. ImKristianLars3n Says:

    Omg! Awesome vid from a super season from LFC. Too bad it didn’t end with at least one trophy..

  6. commentfightsplease Says:

    @RAJLFC4EVA Gerrard had 16 in the leauge, Torres 14 (08/09 season). But Torres had 2 in CL and 1 in FA cup aswell.
    Gerrard had over 20 goals that season. Kuyt had 14.

  7. fizzydrinkz Says:

    @beautyoftheKop torres scored 14 in the last season. spent half the season out injured and still gets 14, nothing short of brilliance.

  8. fade006 Says:

    What is the name first song??????

  9. djglebo Says:

    What’s the opening song?

  10. jcrawley1 Says:

    @sidos12lfc Na, as far as I’m concerned you can’t fault this season cos of how high we punched above our weight. We may have dropped quite a few points at home, but we also beat United and Chelsea home and away, and had the best away record in the league. So they even themselves out. What other manager would have got us anywhere near the title?
    And Keane was gash let’s be honest.

  11. sidos12lfc Says:

    That season Arsenal and Chelsea were rebuilding/injured/out of the contest. It was a golden opportunity that probably won’t come for years. We had our nose in front of united only for him to come out and play defensively against stoke etc that resulted in a series of 0-0 draws. He was also stubborn in his use of robbie keane, just because HE didn’t sign him and the board did, doesn’t mean he has to under use him.

  12. jcrawley1 Says:

    @sidos12lfc Bollocks. Do you have any idea how ridiculous your comment is? Rafa was the mastermind behind this team, with his organisation, tactics, discipline and players he signed to suit his way of thinking about the game – Kuyt, Mascherano, Torres etc. We had the 5th most expensive squad in the league that season (still do) and we came 2nd, with 86 points – the highest ever total for a runner up. I doubt many other managers would have got near that.

  13. whitemasterchief118 Says:

    I miss the old glory days
    but I am confident that one day Liverpool will come back with such a great power that they will reign about europe again

  14. TheScouser44 Says:

    great vid. its a shame those days are gone and b d look of things dey will b gone for a long time

  15. MariusKEKE Says:


    Because he played really bad in almost every game he got the chance?

  16. illstepper123 Says:

    benayoun was a class player he is jus wasting away at chelsea. we miss alonso too

  17. steak96SAUCE Says:


    by the way do you have a follow up?

  18. sidos12lfc Says:

    Can’t believe we didn’t win this season. Anyother manager other than rafa would have won it with the squad and form he had.

  19. welshwest88 Says:

    the music just goes on foreveer haha

  20. IMartinnBizzle92 Says:

    This season rocked, easily could have won the league but we drew so many easy games!

  21. InvalidDim8 Says:

    @beautyoftheKop i am talking about the EPL, not total goals. if you dont believe me go on the premier league website and check it out yourself. i am sure the website does not lie.

  22. beautyoftheKop Says:

    @InvalidDim8 torres scored 17 goals in the 08/09 season! and steven gerrard 23!

  23. 08evercrest Says:

    we shud get grey away kits again it looks boss

  24. niloy1991 Says:

    Robbie Keane scored some amazing goals at crucial times. Why did Rafa sell him 🙁

  25. CANDYAOTP Says:

    fuck you than don’t wach LIVERPOOL videos