Liverpool 3×0 Aston Villa – “Let’s pretend we’ve scored a goal”

December six, 2010. Villa supporters @ Anfield singing “Let’s pretend we’ve scored a goal” and celebrating.
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25 Responses to “Liverpool 3×0 Aston Villa – “Let’s pretend we’ve scored a goal””

  1. ManCitySouthStander Says:

    Hahaha they sang this when we beat them 4-0, great banter between the fans, City fans ‘Villa do the Poznan, Villa do the Poznan’ They erm… Tried to do it 😉 Reminds me of when Middlesbourgh was beating us 8-0 and we was cheering they’re goals, singing we’re gonna win 9-8 ect 🙂

  2. jacobgood1 Says:


  3. Azzo5000 Says:

    Well if your loosing then at least do it with a smile on your face! WELL DONE SUPPORTERS hahaha i LOL’D so much at the sarcastic cheers hahaha AMAZING!

  4. KimAlsgaard Says:

    Haha, that’s a good portion of humour 😀

  5. willtheaviator Says:

    am row 5 near the boundary! FOLLOW YOUR TEAM AWAY AND ITS ALWAYS AMAZING!!!!!!

  6. BerggrenTimmy Says:

    @yonte92 MFF

  7. Daniol98 Says:

    This is why I like English football supporters. It looks awesome to be there…

  8. yonte92 Says:

    Nice one Villa 😀
    //IFK gothenburg

  9. MrRunforyourlife Says:

    i love both villa and liverpool. humble and supportive.

  10. United2o11 Says:

    That’s quite hilarious lol

  11. KyeMFC Says:

    @GetAnOgiFullOfThat dont make me laugh mate everton, I thought maybe birmingham I would of let you have the slightest say but everton, you may fill your allocation but your fans have to have one of the worst vocal support ever to exist, home and away I went to goodison to watch millwall and it reli was one of the quietest places Ive ever been, Ive been to louder places that hold about 3.000 fans, I can assure you from any outsiders opinion everton have 1 of the worst vocal followings going.

  12. mikedamanc Says:

    Nice vid, you guys should check out soccerfansconnected, a great site for footy fans all over the world !

  13. GetAnOgiFullOfThat Says:

    @KyeMFC sorry but actually theyve both got pretty big fanbases, especially everton who are the team that have had the most seasons of ANY team in the top flight whether it was division 1 or the premiership and were in the first ever football league. you go to any everton away match, you can hear them singing over the home supportersmost of the time.

  14. aaronbassi95 Says:

    hahaha ive got a video of this aswell from the same game! right next to one of the stewards!

  15. villatom1987 Says:

    This is why I love following the villa away, always a good laugh! Great support!

  16. qoTIMop Says:

    awesome really

  17. MrPSG78 Says:

    These fans are just amazing ! How sarcastic they are ! This is so cool xD

  18. Teesside88 Says:

    Love it, its now my life aim to do this at an away game!

  19. BatesAvfc Says:


  20. NJx95 Says:

    im a bluenose, but that is funny!

  21. FritzlsLongLostSon Says:

    what else can you do when your team is getting spanked 3-0

  22. KyeMFC Says:

    @GetAnOgiFullOfThat did u say everton or birmingham, possibly two of the terriblest supported clubs in the prem, should of found better examples than that. Fair play to the villa fans at least they have a sense of humour, most fans would of just stopped singing and left.

  23. villatillidie1 Says:

    we did this at man city too. best away support in the county

  24. Salas1891 Says:

    Haha, you made my day. Thanks for the laugh!

  25. Raad123Eens Says:

    It’s an amazing video, (I am Belgian) 😉