Liverpool 1-2 Barnsley FA Cup Soccer Saturday 16/02/08!!!

Matt Le Tissier and Jeff Go Bonkers At Brian Howards Successful Target!!! Inadequate Phil Thompson… Thank you to all of you who have viewed this video so far and to individuals of you are viewing it for the first time! I am told the gamers and workers at Barnsley FC are viewing the website as effectively. So please proceed to write your feedback and words of assistance for them all down at Oakwell. And push them in direction of one more excellent day when we play Chelsea at residence in the quarter Finals of the FA CUP!!!

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25 Responses to “Liverpool 1-2 Barnsley FA Cup Soccer Saturday 16/02/08!!!”

  1. mgraymead Says:

    Ah well, you win some you lose some. At least we weren’t so bad as to lose to Northampton back then.

    BTW @hulksmash05 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Coming from what I guess is a United fan based on your favourites videos! I can tell you Gerrard is a better human being than your Wayne will ever be. Check the papers for that

    Respect for Scholes and Giggs though

  2. AFCxSKiiLZx Says:

    0:23 – The people in the background jumping. XD

  3. xKiERoN Says:

    @hulksmash05 I’m an Arsenal fan but I sat here laughing at what you said for ages! That’s so petty and childish. Steven Gerrard is a great player and a great captain.

  4. xKiERoN Says:

    HAHA! I love these people so much, their so funny, while also knowing what their talking about. Watch them every Saturday, fucking legends! 🙂

  5. hulksmash05 Says:

    I have hated Liverpool, I hate Liverpool, I will continue hating Liverpool scousers for the rest of my life. Liverpool players are drug users, they use steroids, and cocaine. Steven gerard is a wanker, and is a cannabis user.

  6. todongo Says:

    one of my personal favourite moments in watching sport on television. I will NEVER forget that day!

  7. bahnanno1 Says:

    If this happend now nobody would give a fuck XD

  8. marcopaulo037 Says:

    haha fuck off big nose!

  9. UpTheExProductions Says:


  10. aderham6 Says:

    Martin Atkinson is a weak minded twat, you wont see a clearer penalty in world football. What a joke

  11. SCD999 Says:

    being a manchester united fan, this was a good moment in my life

  12. woodman1989 Says:

    @515MHz and the stretford end

  13. roversrule87 Says:

    gotta love jeff, the way he puts his heart into the commentary. “YOUR HAVIN A LAUGH!!!!” lol great moment

  14. POWELLYxD Says:

    cant stand people who just insult prople from liverpool and all they can say is ;you scouse such an such, scouse this scouse that.

    like you are some kind of royalty or something. ive been to liverpool and the people there are good people. go to liverpool city center and the place is pact with working people.

    watch ‘harry brown’ all you southern people before you open your mouth, because that is all around you! you absoloute deluded people

  15. HardcoreGayButtsecks Says:

    @louisthekopite you’re trying to bully a Championship side? Mate, you fucked up your entire season, you have no room to speak.

  16. louisthekopite Says:

    @homiez2 my dad is a liverpool fan. is he unemployed? no. are the 45,000 fans inside anfield unemployed?? no

  17. homiez2 Says:

    @louisthekopite haha you saddo no we aint but we dont think we have a divine right to be premier league champions like your unemployed fans think now fuck off

  18. louisthekopite Says:

    Hhhmmm barnsly have you ever got into Europe???? Every won the europein cup 5 times( a British record) and won the league 18 times????

  19. BLSNunsWithGunsLJA Says:

    lol we have beaten liverpool at anfield twice in a row. where are barnsley in the premiership? we’re not, but when we were we beat u at anfield, check your facts faggot.

  20. punditpete Says:

    Im a Barnsley fan and yet I still feel a bit sorry for Big Nose. I am such a soft twat.

  21. TheLoyalOne1 Says:

    haha I was in stiches when he was talkin about Simon Davies to calm down, u must be having a laugh, they’re going crazy!

  22. weatherallc05 Says:

    this is even better than the havant story

  23. weatherallc05 Says:

    yeah liverpool bottled it!! fucking justice

  24. weatherallc05 Says:

    @joesakic91 im sure i heard a girl screaming

  25. weatherallc05 Says:

    @BritishBulldog1801 he fucking bottled it. they loved tht shit