“Little Messi” – U10 League Games 2010 – Feat. Hassan Ayari 7 Yr Old

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25 Responses to ““Little Messi” – U10 League Games 2010 – Feat. Hassan Ayari 7 Yr Old”

  1. MMAmachinhead92 Says:

    Just by looking at the surroundings, surely this kid is American. Hopefully if he decides to become a professional, in all regards let’s hope he doesn’t do the Giuseppe Rossi thing…LOL! Really, let’s hope kid’s like him pop out all over this country.

  2. FootyAmy29 Says:

    he will probably make it s he knows how to pass unlike some of the other kids on youtube who just wont pass

  3. FootyAmy29 Says:

    wat team do u play for ur amazing

  4. fantasmadewilde Says:

    La verdad que todo bien, pero pibitos así en Argentina, Brasil y Uruguay los encuentro en cualquier picado y no es necesario decirles “pequeños” Messi. Dios quiera que este pibe tenga una infancia feliz y si presiones de los mayores que los rodean, que juegue, se divierta y crezca sabiendo que esto es un juego, no la vida o la muerte, Saludos desde un lugar perdido en el Sur

  5. sebasxxmessi Says:

    he was better when he was six

  6. badboyodee86 Says:

    man were i come from most kids wen i was that age can take people on like that and not any1 i know is a pro now, lets just watch this space and see how far he goes. i have watched his videos and im not takin away the fact he is a fantastic football player but he is only 7 and not many kids are taken too seriously untill they are at least 13-14

  7. abigirf1695 Says:


  8. MII2o90 Says:

    @ajritson Man his 7…. his technique will grow much more from now. Even at this state he uses his weaker
    foot in a great way. Don’t look for a needle in a haystack -.-

  9. ajritson Says:

    Make sure he uses both feet more, he’s really, really good, but he is dribbling on the security of his right foot. If he starts to play people of a higher level or closer to the same level he is at, it will become more obvious what he is going to do if he keeps the ball on one side only. He’s amazing though, that goal at 0:25 shows he can use his left foot, he should just use it more!

  10. denow66 Says:

    2:55 XD

  11. huerfawno Says:

    that was based on pure training and the father of that boy at the end he is doing the real damage that Messi played his heart told him the truth but this little messi is good but is purely paractica

  12. xXLuisKillerXx Says:

    he Is So Small Compared To All the other kids

  13. enonto Says:

    he,s quite good for a seven yr old

  14. alain1986 Says:

    great technique, weak shot

  15. lampjab Says:

    this kid is brilliant. he is destined to be a footballer. i cant wait till he is older, especially when the kid has grown so he can properly connect with what looks like a size 5 ball

  16. sportykyle Says:


  17. ipwnukayy Says:

    i wanna join his league so he can lead us and teach me skillz

  18. Intervene Says:

    0:25 What a goal!

  19. williammannix123 Says:

    where is he from?

  20. GrandmasterTrash78 Says:

    they play better than my adult league team..lol

  21. MySerts Says:

    ese niño juega muy bien mis respetos creo que juega mejor que yo . en realidad es messi.. con rason a llegado a ser lo que ha llegado a ser ( el mejor jugador del mundo hasta el momento)

  22. odmcarlos Says:

    WTH? This little kid can beat the best players of the world its UNVELIVEABLE!

  23. Eliaz4450 Says:

    Really impressive for a 7-year old.. Can’t wait till he get’s older.

  24. Eliaz4450 Says:

    @Bryson684 haha noticed it too 😀

  25. Bryson684 Says:

    jesus christ , i love how all the kids in this video have mercurial vapors and i have mercurial v ic’s xD