Lebron James interviewed by Liverpool kids on Small Talk

Video Score: four / five

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24 Responses to “Lebron James interviewed by Liverpool kids on Small Talk”

  1. rexryanify Says:

    In my humble opinion, LeBron James is the greatest player to play his respective sport. This includes NBA, MLB, Boxing, Tennis, Golf, NHL, NFL, etc.

  2. MrKilkrod Says:

    @shawshankescape if you look closely you shut the fuck up

  3. shawshankescape Says:

    If you look closely Lebron travelled.

  4. trysomethingnew23 Says:

    seems like a good guy

  5. onelove779 Says:


  6. hegofinr Says:

    As an American Liverpool supporter who hates the Celtics, I have to agree with you

  7. HoboJones10 Says:

    Fucking children of the corn!

  8. DanHlrzr Says:

    I didn’t like LeBron much, but in this interview I think he showed us what he is really like, quite a genuine guy…
    And yeah, Boston and Liverpool are equals, no doubt about it… Both the most succesful teams in their countries, they’re similar cities and have the same kind of loyal and passionate fans.

  9. AirBallers31 Says:

    I would of loved to of meet LeBron, Yo LeBron next time come to Edinburgh in Scotland,

  10. xLEGITxG4M3Rx Says:

    Kid: “how big is your house?”
    LeBron: “about 50 times bigger than yours”

  11. dojOdRiFTeR Says:

    sometimes kids ask the darnest things

  12. GlenConnor96 Says:

    @WoodsMBUK He clearly says Owen. Listen to it again….

  13. nrharrington Says:

    @commentfightsplease ??? im confused by your comment.. are you a liverpool fan or a man u fan? im saying miami heat fans are shit which is why they dont relate to liverpool fans who are great

  14. commentfightsplease Says:

    @nrharrington Well you in America dont listen to anything that Man United says. Shit fans and shit town.

  15. commentfightsplease Says:

    lol, StevieG is like 6ft 1/1.83, and LeBron is like half a person higher… he must be taller than a giraffe.

  16. nrharrington Says:

    Miami is nothing like liverpool.. They have shit fans in a shit town.. Don’t listen to that any of you uk fans

  17. Quillincy Says:

    @UKHirst dumass they didnt sign them THEY TRADED players fuck

  18. kimbobrand7 Says:

    lebron james why do you always travel

  19. WoodsMBUK Says:

    4:27 the kid says his name is Ehren, and leBron says.. ” my proudest achievement Owen, must be .. ” hahahahahahahahahah!

  20. afridi95 Says:

    @xAzZa1To be fair most scousers are inarticulate, lebron james english is clearly better than most of the liverpool population. You may argue that his english is not spectacular but it is still two notches above the likes of gerrard and daglish. Plus liverpool are racist they get rid of all the black players and add racist people like suarez. Shows alot about liverpool and further inhances the bad standard of education in that country.

  21. xAzZa1 Says:

    @NoSurrender786 That comment shows how ignorant people like you are. Oh, I forgot how Liverpool is cut off from the rest of society in England and doesn’t recieve the same educational standards as the rest of the country. Just because they speak with a funny accent doesn’t make them inarticulate or illiterate. In fact, saying it does just makes you look like the ignorant moron. Fool.

  22. xAzZa1 Says:

    @eahso1000006206 Its a fucking joke

  23. NUFCMMA101 Says:

    @mrugod nar typical scouser would be how do you get into your house?? haha

  24. UKHirst Says:

    @BazzaLFC21 Also Boston did the same thing Miami did years ago when they brought in Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen to form their “Big 3”.