Jamie Carragher’s Testimonial- 28/8/10 (Soccer Saturday)

Jamie Carragher chats about his upcoming testimonial match against Everton.
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25 Responses to “Jamie Carragher’s Testimonial- 28/8/10 (Soccer Saturday)”

  1. adams2887 Says:

    why did he have this when he has not yet retired yet??

  2. federergates Says:

    I was trying to write a report about Scouser dialect, but it’s too difficult when I try to transcribe what Jamie said..

  3. tomnufc1 Says:

    @duncabbin lol

  4. TheLittlelad12 Says:

    like if you hate this traitor

  5. DXvsnWo1 Says:

    I’d rather have stapled my face to a fucking horse’s ass than have anything do with that testimonial, Carragher’s a fucking scally with his name up in lights, great player but shitty personality

  6. Cashmaster21 Says:

    Big deal I’m from Scotland. I can’t understand Carragher which is why I asked for someone to translate what he’s saying.

  7. besly988 Says:

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  8. NOTTS2BASENG7 Says:

    @duncabbin lool ite

  9. duncabbin Says:

    @NOTTS2BASENG7 That it wouldnt happen, as Owen wont get a testimonial at Man Utd as he has only been there 5 minutes.

  10. duncabbin Says:

    @SKINGLEY14 No he bought a Champions League Medal with it.

  11. SKINGLEY14 Says:

    Did Roy Keane keep his testimonial money?

  12. sufi8 Says:

    @whothefuckaskedyou agreed!!…

  13. sufi8 Says:

    hahaha…well done hountind-dog carragher….funny goal for everton..hahaha..will it count as an own goal by u jamie..haha

  14. whothefuckaskedyou Says:

    Well done Carrara served the club magnificently!! Anfield legend!!! Ynwa

  15. mackamanny Says:

    @1337Boredness yeah he probaly will

  16. 1337Boredness Says:

    @mackamanny so you mean next time stevie g would have it too???

  17. mackamanny Says:

    @1337Boredness yeah for a testimonial, most players have them if they have been at a club their whole life

  18. 1337Boredness Says:

    @mackamanny you mean he can choose any players to play with him? cool man

  19. mackamanny Says:

    @1337Boredness its for him being at the club for 15 years

  20. 1337Boredness Says:

    What is the testimonial for?

  21. 1337Boredness Says:

    Own in RED!!!!!!

  22. emily100094 Says:

    @LRobbo88 thank you

  23. MrAwesomeTWO Says:

    @XxSoDzKoDxX REALLY!?! you from Singapore end off!

  24. MrAwesomeTWO Says:

    @Cashmaster21 How the hell can you ask somebody the translate Carragher yes he has a ‘Strong Scouse’ but the cheek! Your from SCOTLAND!! and the dude from U.S.A come on you call football ‘soccer’ what are you even doing here! you must just be simply bored!

  25. LRobbo88 Says:

    @emily100094 kk I will try and upload it tomoz because I don’t know if the camera’s fully charged, if I don’t film and upload it tomoz, I will upload it soon. I will personal message u when I have.