Iker Casillas 2009 Part 2

The 2nd edition of Iker Casillas in 2009. The finest goalkeeper in the globe vs barcelona and liverpool
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25 Responses to “Iker Casillas 2009 Part 2”

  1. ShOrTaK1 Says:

    This is best video !! Iker Casillas Fernandéz is best !! Valdes , Cech , Cezar are Sh*ts !! Iker Is Best !

  2. mirza007gamer Says:

    @vatoselbordo Its barcelona player!hahahahahhaha the cant run without falling!

  3. Player5Pro Says:

    2 people could not score on casillas

  4. macattack6661 Says:

    whats the name of that song?? lol

  5. 1994Skateordie Says:

    there’s just one man who was a better goalkeeper in the last 20 years and that’s oliver kahn!

  6. Bigcucho Says:

    El Angel del Madrid

  7. mirza007gamer Says:

    Man Iker must have some family gens with Lev Yashin.

  8. vatoselbordo Says:

    hey watch at 1:14 some dude in the bottom of the video falls

  9. TRiBUTE92 Says:

    @LGuirao and spain!!!


    @Tinchoelmillo techinically you dont know anything about soccer or even see the games cause every time casillas plays messi he always makes remarkable saves against him regardless what the score turns out to be…iker casillas the best on earth

  11. acachar Says:

    casillas is the best goalkeeper but the defense of the madrid is awful

  12. Tinchoelmillo Says:

    one save vs messi!! good!! haha messi is your dad..hahah

  13. Lubu19478 Says:

    Film is good but music is stupid

  14. freistrom Says:

    J’adore ces chansons.

    Iker Casillas est le meilleur gardien du monde.

  15. bombs347 Says:

    Casillas PWNED Torres, his own Spain forward at around 2:50. I guess that’s why Torres fucked up for Spain this year. =]]]]

  16. fernanlorca5 Says:

    Como se llama esta cancion??
    what this of name of this song??

  17. fernanlorca5 Says:

    Como se llama la cancion? what this the name of this song?

  18. KIMTEIXEIRA55 Says:

    Grande,grande, GRANDE IKER CASILLAS(o Melhor de sempre) força IKER

  19. casillasloh Says:

    @yin24190899 totally agree!!!

  20. AdamMalyszGP Says:

    Iker najlepszy jest !!!!!

  21. kbb3ify Says:


  22. DarisKiadas Says:

    casilas idolo en el mundo cnocido por su perseverancia y su alta calidad para parar

  23. 9ckiller Says:

    The best goalkeeper ist Iker casilias

  24. Marvell77777 Says:

    He Is the best goalkeeper with Buffon

  25. Marvell77777 Says: