HD Liverpool vs Napoli 3 1 Gerrard Hattrick Goals Highlights UEFA Europa League 4 10 10

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13 Responses to “HD Liverpool vs Napoli 3 1 Gerrard Hattrick Goals Highlights UEFA Europa League 4 10 10”

  1. TheBigezee77 Says:

    pat navin = tithead

  2. 56seager56 Says:

    steven gerrard is a legend

  3. nattjedi Says:

    Steve gerrard gerrard

    He’ll pass the´╗┐ ball 40 yards

    he’s big and hes fucking hard

    steve gerrard gerrard

    Steve gerrard gerrard

    He’ll pass the ball 40 yards

    He’s better than frank lampard

    steve gerrard gerrard

  4. sbaker12 Says:

    @football94281 screw steven gerrard? lool u must not like soccer…even players on team slike man u and chelsea realize what a truly world class player he is…if he woulda had a few more players around him over the eyars man u defintely wuda had a few less titles…greatest english player of his generation..might not be as naturally talented as rooney bt does a little bit more

  5. 19Wylds95 Says:

    @football94281 shut up faggot

  6. EveryWhichWayButStew Says:

    When you need someone to stand up and be counted, to pull an abosulte rabbit from a hat. Steven Gerrard!

  7. MrBICKUS9 Says:

    Gerrard – greatest ever liverpool player.


    Comment – I LOVE LIVERPOOL <3

  9. parth117 Says:


  10. bk11black2010 Says:

    stiven gerrard es sinplemente el mejor medio del mundo y uno de los mejores de la historia stiven gerrard gerrard

  11. football94281 Says:

    ok i get it allredy

  12. football94281 Says:

    @FujiwaraToufu here im not a liverpool fan but screw s.gerard

  13. FujiwaraToufu Says:

    There are many world-class players in the world, but there’s only 1 StevieG. how many times is he gonna rescue Liverpool, single-footedly!? Without a doubt the heart & soul of Liverpool!!!