Goodbye Dirk Kuyt | Liverpool FC to Fenerbahce SK | 2012 | HD

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25 Responses to “Goodbye Dirk Kuyt | Liverpool FC to Fenerbahce SK | 2012 | HD”

  1. agentjwill Says:

    bi sus amk malı . very slow muş , futbolda bi tek hız mı var , ha dogru sizde sabri var he is very fast .

  2. codmobile2000 Says:

    Two words, KOP LEGEND

  3. TheSLH11 Says:

    The good, the bad, the ugly, dirk went through it all but always gave 100% and he will be sadly missed at anfield. Goodbye Dirk Kuyt!

  4. Paddygormz1991 Says:

    At least he won at least one medal with us. Thanks Dirk, best of luck in the future. YNWA

  5. josephschlink Says:

    goodbye dirk, i will always remember your hattrick against man utd. good luck with fenerbahce

  6. nav hussain Says:

    No one work harder Its nt gonna be the same without him 🙁

  7. DrXoz Says:

    Yea lets see if you still love him when the turkish league starts and you see no light in him hahahaha!!!

  8. ash farrell Says:

    amazing video… goin 2 miss that man… LFC ledgend… dont care what anyone says… he worn that jersey with pride…. YNWA

  9. donazri Says:

    Liverpool’s duracell battery.

  10. elvis presley Says:

    Great compilation and a fitting tribute to “Dirk Diggler”

  11. ultraslanmiami Says:

    Kuyt is very slow he cannot ve succesful in Turkey.

  12. oJASONNx Says:

    Goodbye Dirk, Good luck at Fenerbahce, Hope to hear about you scoring many and very important goals like you did for us. Thank you<3

  13. 1001010101011101 Says:


  14. YiğiT DoğanTaş Says:

    Beyler herkes beğensin yabancılar önemli bişey yazdım sansın !!

  15. skyskysky62 Says:

    Miss u always…. From potter

  16. salvinando Says:

    he will not always be a liverpool player, but he will always be a RED. thank you Kuyt .YNWA

  17. penton778 Says:

    brilliant player, such a great work rate. Goal in champions league final, carling cup final, hat trick against the scum, last minute pen vs arsenal and so many other crucial goals. Good luck at fener. YNWA

  18. burakburak24fb Says:

    you suck

  19. Ister68 Says:

    My favourite player is now in my favourite club.
    I can’t believe this.. Thank you Liverpool 🙁


  20. ytytytytytrghnm Says:

    ii ii

  21. aygun yılmaz Says:


  22. Saltefanden10 Says:

    Dirk is a liverpool legend!

  23. ultraslanmiami Says:

    He is old now he wanted to make some money before he retires good choice

  24. mathz1O1 Says:

    Reall work horse of the team. Going to miss his persistence!

  25. JackIsHere07 Says:

    He gave so much to Liverpool, shouldn’t have been fased out be Kenny