Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville blamed the whole Arsenal team following their huge loss against Liverpool at Anfield on Super Sunday.

Arsenal were expected to at least put up a decent fight but the Gunnersfell flat on their faces as the Reds attacks proved too hot to handle.

Jurgen Klopp’s men battered Arsene Wenger’s men 4-0, giving them their second straight loss after three Premier League games this season.

Neville tore the Arsenal team into shreds, questioning why Granit Xhaka and Aaron Ramsey would play in central midfield with Alexis Sanchez and MesutOzil just outside them. He blamed Wenger for not paying attention to the opposition in naming his squad.

Neville claimed Arsenal players were very poor in their transition from attack to defence. He said the team struggled to get in shape after losing the ball despite knowing the kind of opposition they were facing.

“I’m naming those five [Sanchez, Ozil, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Xhaka and Ramsey] – there may be more – but that is absolutely disgraceful [on losing shape]. That doesn’t represent the Arsenal shirt of what they’re about and they’ve left themselves down as individuals.”

The Manchester United legend labeled the Gunners as “lacklustre” and deserving of the battering they received. Neville hit at Sanchez for not covering himself in glory recently as he has done in past months. The player is set to join Man City before the deadline as Arsenal seem tired of the whole situation regarding a new deal.

Neville remains adamant that Wenger should continue as Arsenal coach. He opines that the players are letting down the manager time and time again.

“I feel for [Wenger] but I’m not going to start sticking the knife in and saying he should go.”



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