FIFA 11 Game Simulation | Manchester United vs Liverpool

FIFA eleven simulation of the March 6th Manchester United and Liverpool match. For a lot more information on FIFA 11 pay a visit to: Facebook Twitter:
Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “FIFA 11 Game Simulation | Manchester United vs Liverpool”

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  2. chiptastic2000 Says:

    why are the keepers so crap in this game?

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  12. MrSamm65 Says:

    Unlucky United

  13. Jed1nak Says:

    @MrFazy123 get ur facts right before you come and complain. im pretty sure i saw Gerrard play

  14. MrZeegelaar Says:

    Guys, make Dirk Kuyt IF for FIFA Ultimate Team.

  15. mikedmeister Says:




  16. TheCasti96 Says:

    3-1 liverpool win

  17. flygonex10 Says:

    One thing EA Sports never predicted, Dirk Kuyt hat-trick.

  18. TheGunner444 Says:

    well, the Arsenal- Sunderland one is correct in the fact that it SHOULD have been 1-0, as Arshavin scored but was flagged offside, and the Liverpool one was MILES off

  19. h9900568 Says:

    it turns out that your prediction is somehow too conservative ~
    it’s 3:1 Liverpool

  20. Fellicols Says:

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  21. erikire55 Says:

    United is winning

  22. MrFazy123 Says:

    You idiot, Vidic has a Red card, Gerrard is injured, get your facts right before you can simualate a match and your sunderland/arsenal prediction is wrong and so will be the United vs Liverpool. Jack.

  23. DreamszV Says:

    my PES says 0-0… hmmm.. but i like 1-0.

  24. enriquegrau1996 Says:


  25. GuitarrAddictt Says:

    I’d like Liverpool taking a win from that game. ‘Cause that would help us, Blues, quite a lot. 🙂 I hope that Stevie G smacks it from far or injures Van Der Sar with a shot on goal.

    (Coming from a Chelsea fan.)