Fernando Torres Vs Liverpool 2010/2011 Chelsea’s debut 720p

Fernando Torres Vs Liverpool (Old club) Season 2010/2011|Chelsea’s debut Video: – 184mb|6Mbs HD 720-30p WMW Music: – Pendulum-Watercolour (Deadmau5 Remix) – Dowland link: www.4shared.com Video dowland link:Comming soon According to the Daily Mirror, Chelsea are set to recoup the whopping £50 million they splashed out on old ‘Dodgy Hamstrings McGraw’ on Monday in a matter of months, thanks to a massive surge in sales of ‘Torres’ replica shirts in the West London area. The Mirror have the initial facts and figures: “Chelsea’s record £50 million signing Fernando Torres is already king of the shirt sales — outselling his Liverpool replacement Andy Carroll by 250 jerseys to one. “Demand for Chelsea’s new Torres home shirts are currently 40% higher than when he arrived at Anfield three years ago, according to suppliers. “Shirt sales for the Kop’s other new striker, Luis Suarez, are 380% more popular than Carroll replicas, but are still trailing behind Chelsea’s Spanish signing by 30 to one.” Given that it took just six months for sales of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Real Madrid shirt to pass the 1 million mark in the Spanish capital alone, and the fact that Torres has topped the table for Premier League shirt sales for the last two seasons, Chelsea should break even on their £50 million investment in…ooh, about three weeks time!
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25 Responses to “Fernando Torres Vs Liverpool 2010/2011 Chelsea’s debut 720p”

  1. jonnyk1703 Says:

    Torres is a has been we’ve seen the best of him at LFC back to the same old thing with Chelsea trying to buy a team full of ageing has been full of cockney glory hunters with no history or soul any football fan can can see Suarez is an updated smoother version of Torres but hey we appreciate the cash for Torres king kenny is the missing link for lfc not Torres !!! Adios brylcream boy

  2. ikuzak2009 Says:

    supporter’s values of football are different from players.
    they always think first their team.
    but the players like torres think that the important thing is glory of his football life.
    both of them are not wrong.
    certainly, football is business.
    so he had the right to transfer to another team because he is a professional football player.
    but I think supporters too have the right to blame his transfer because they are people who always supported him.

  3. sketchgroups Says:

    let me tell u ya, liverfool didnt have any money and transfer this kid to chelsea.
    pull stop.

  4. turbo86voz Says:

    yo le recomiendo a torres q se desahueveeee …juga apaticamente ..como mujer,….mucho cuida sus piernas …es muy delicaditaaaa … torreeess metele huevooo fuerzaaa …hasta ahorita no se le ve a torres ..

  5. Mazimus170 Says:

    such a twat for elbowing torres

  6. Pete092 Says:

    @ChelseaWestLondon it seems these “amateur” players beat your team twice in this season so they aren’t so bad as those fucking blue bitches. And Cech…great goalkeeping when Aurelio scored from a 35yd free kick in the CL in 2009. And if Gerrard so bad, why Chelsea wanted to buy him so much?? and this ‘gay’ portuguese scored the only goal on torres debut. Look at your fucking team, Judas Cole shot a kid on the training ground, and Terry fuck his friend’s wife. Great team! MATE

  7. ChelseaWestLondon Says:

    @Pete092 Pepe Reina?! HAHAHAH reina is the worst keeper ive ever seen in my life .. we have the best keeper of the whole premier league 🙂 Cech and gerrard is the shittyest midfielder ive ever seen and caroll just got buyed by liverpool and he sucks dickk and meireles is a gay portuguese motherfucker…. im sorry MY FRIEND! but liverpool has very bad players they should be in amateur football 😉

  8. jezza470 Says:


    How did you work that 1 out?????? done the best for himself…. hes got 2 other world class strickers to compete with.. he works best on his own and personally i cant see him doing well for chelsea……. LFC YNWA

  9. QuiteNiceFilms Says:

    Chelskum are soulless and have no history one of the worst clubs in the land , facts tell us that Liverpool predominantly beat Chelskum no matter what tournament. im sure i recall a 2 – 0 slaugtering in which pennant joined in the fun

  10. Blondi101MPA Says:

    @ChelseaWestLondon – When Abramovich gets bored of Chelsea and goes back to Russia and all your money-grabbing players who don’t actually give a shit about Chelsea go to Man City or Real Madrid, you will have no players, no money, go into administration, get relegated, get relegated again and then fold. Where as the likes of Steven Gerrard who could have gone to Chelsea and earn a million pounds a week, actually has pride. His glorious club will live on.

  11. elroyunos Says:

    @andjataylor hahah! shit man, i dont know why i had gonzales name type out instead of rodriguez. ahahaha. maybe that name was soooo inside my head. ahahaha

  12. Pete092 Says:

    @ChelseaWestLondon you missed to mention Gerrard Reina Carragher Meireles Carroll Johnson…MY FRIEND!

  13. ChelseaWestLondon Says:

    @Pete092 offcourse i know, i know chelsea’s whole history my friend and im just like u .. cuz ur a big liverpool fan boy and im a chelsea fanboy and u will see that liverpool will FAIL hard in these seasons and they aint gonna win no fucking trophy… chelsea will win something maybe next year or the next one .. and u can see that chelsea has better players than liverpool thats for sure.. cuz liverpool has kuyt , suarez and more shitty players and chelsea has :lampard , drogba , torres fuck off

  14. TheMaStErOf10 Says:

    North – South – East – West .. Chelsea FC r the best n mr mother fucking pete whaeva .. Fuck the rest we roll with the Best i.e. CHELSEA hahaha

  15. Pete092 Says:

    @ChelseaWestLondon but I can tell I’m a true Liverpool fan, not a jackass who cheers a team with lots of money and nothing else. And I bet you didn’t know who chelsea is 10 years ago because they were nothing! and fuck off

  16. ChelseaWestLondon Says:

    @Pete092 HAHAHAH did u saw liverpool? they dont play anymore in the CL and in the Europa League. u should be ashamed of ur self to be a fuckin liverpoolfanboy cuz ur team aint gonna win no trophy in 10 years m8!! . Motherfucker!!

  17. Pete092 Says:

    @ChelseaWestLondon I just wanted to see that Torres played like a piece of shit against us. and fuck off you blue idiot, come back when you win the CL or win 18 PL. Motherfucker!

  18. ChelseaWestLondon Says:

    @Pete092 fuck off u red motherfucker raul meireles is a shitty player he only was very lucky so stfu but the next time we blues will win and why are you watching this video while u aint a chelsea fan m8 ??

  19. Pete092 Says:

    @ChelseaWestLondon Yeah and I loved to see all the Chelsea fans when Meireles scored!

  20. ChelseaWestLondon Says:

    HAHAHA id love to see all these liverpool fanboys cry about torres
    but we blues buyed this spanish striker and i hope he will make our team NUMBER 1!!!

  21. 08evercrest Says:

    It’s true that Torres is one of the best strikers out there but unless Chelsea plays him like Liverpool did he might turn out to flop. Torres only fitted in the system at Liverpool in his career. At Atletico he was decent giving a return of 10-15 goals a season, but for Spain his record wasn’t as prolific because they tried to play with 2 strikers.

    There’s a reason why his goals to game ratio was incredibly high for Liverpool

  22. pakinam30 Says:


  23. pakinam30 Says:


  24. kipper09100 Says:

    what Did u use to recored hd camcorder or any other

  25. jojojojoso Says:

    Haha, the moment when Agger gives Torres a elbow, is my screen Picture at my COM 😀