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Fernando Torres Best 20 Goals Liverpool footyfilms.com

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25 Responses to “Fernando Torres Top 20 Goals Liverpool – Milankakabaros – footyfilms.com”

  1. sankrit90 Says:

    I love Torres as much as you’ll but may I ask what was the name of the song?

  2. sankrit90 Says:

    I love Torres as much as you’ll but may I ask what was the name of the song?

  3. theknightofcydonia98 Says:

    Thank you for everything Fernando. YNWA.

  4. johncase39 Says:

    If he can find the form he had in his first two seasons at liverpool there is no better striker. 33 goals in one season, quickest liverpool player to 50, too bad he left anfield

  5. magnusak21 Says:

    GREAT VIDEO 😀 but the goal number 10 is from 07/08 isnt it ? cuz its his first goal for liverpool , so it has to be 🙂

  6. rockerjordan13 Says:

    Torres i gotta say i think your a total twat for leaving liverpool, But all i got to say is thankyou for everything you done for liverpool im a lfc fan but id like to say to chelsea goodluck to you on sunday with your lfc man 😉 YNWA !!!!! LFC FOR LIFE

  7. ZdPhoenix Says:

    @R0bski Totally agree. I hope he rediscovers his form and does well for himself (not starting this weekend mind). He put a lot into the club and deserves to be remembered for that. Putting everything on him to stay isn’t fair – the club will move on and find new heroes.

  8. jesusdiem Says:

    great compilation, very well done, technically too. saludos desde Madrid

  9. R0bski Says:

    Dont know whether to laugh or cry that hes gone… brought us so many good times. So many good memories. I dont know how people can call themselves Liverpool fans if they’re calling for his head or burning his shirt. He did so much for the club and got so little in return. A world class striker should not be waiting til hes 30 to win a trophy (Unless you’re Steven Gerrard). He deserves to win trophies and although it will pain me to watch him playing in blue, I hope he wins everything. YNWA

  10. matthe07 Says:

    Thank you, Fernando!

  11. guitarmusicmatters Says:

    who is this player and what is his name? traitor comes to mind

  12. guitarmusicmatters Says:

    @JamesHasAhugeHead i think eventually nando show his true colours, and it aint red otherwise he would have stayed and fight. he’s walked around that pitch all season not caring at all. maybe now (if he goes) our team will start to play good without the bad apple ruining things!! ynwa

  13. rockerjordan13 Says:

    whats song called?

  14. JamesHasAhugeHead Says:

    will be glad to see the back of torres as he leaves, 6 goals in 24 goals you call him world class but even when a striker is out of form it doesnt take them 24 games to get back in, bring on suarez

  15. ilikematch08 Says:

    fernando torres, we love you. <3

  16. 93Rambo Says:

    wonderful player and viedeo !!! respekt

  17. lfctorres88 Says:

    Awesome! Go Torres!!

  18. kristenlucask Says:

    why did it say 2008/9 when he scored his first goal for liverpool against chelsea
    but it shows other goals from the 07/08 season?

  19. albiiitoow Says:

    He is UNSTOPPABLE! i like when says “Torreeeees!” I feel i want to scream the goal!

  20. albiiitoow Says:

    He is UNSTOPPABLE! i like when says “Torreeeees!” I feel i want to scream the goal!

  21. marcosblandin Says:

    el mejor delantero no hay comparación.

  22. KakaTorresSkillsHD Says:

    subbed back!! torres bäst!!!

  23. 2010seany Says:

    @Bakaziii dream on torres wud never go to madrid

  24. Bakaziii Says:

    Come to real madrid torres! We would be unstoppable with you, Kaka, ronaldo, ozil, and di maria up front

  25. Lonnborg Says:

    I love torres and i be so happy when I look and just listen on this video! It’s the best video on youtube!