Fernando Torres- Above And Below (LFC Compilations series)

Fernando Torres comp. It is the 2nd comp in LFC Compilations sequence by me.I hope you will like it.
Video Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “Fernando Torres- Above And Below (LFC Compilations series)”

  1. RamireZTKD Says:

    @jmbr79 teardrop by massive attack

  2. TheBarmiester Says:

    @jmbr79 Teardrop

  3. ramosown22 Says:

    Pro vid br0

  4. taurus040588 Says:

    well made video man

  5. DiRProductions Says:

    @cati64 agreed

  6. kaelan15 Says:

    i must say, this is the first video that has brought tears to my eyes. fernando torres is pure magic. YNWA

  7. cati64 Says:

    this is the fernando I want to see .. step up Nando ? it’s your call now ?

  8. LFCmagnus95 Says:

    Is this the soundtrack on the movie Never Back Down ?

  9. M9TProd Says:

    This is such a brilliant video, the music is awesome. The goal vs United away and Sunderland home 09/10 is so amazing, I usually hate LFC TV commentary, but somehow you made it work. This is one of my favorite Torres videos, if not the favorite.

  10. yourdate4tonight Says:

    great video man you should make a steven gerrard video similar to this,great choice of song also

  11. vSoCCeRxsTaR Says:

    best striker, great video, song from never back down how can it get any better?

  12. Tadaia Says:

    Great artistry but too many quick transitions make it difficult to see what’s going on or enjoy your subject’s (Torres) gifts.

  13. Wajsu17Ronaldo7 Says:

    bardzo fajny film πŸ™‚ 5^

  14. aksur26 Says:

    @jmbr79 massive attack – teardrop

  15. fcdaley Says:

    Great video man!

  16. 96mooNly96 Says:

    best torrs video..

  17. aaro567 Says:

    man u cheat to win

  18. LFCmagnus95 Says:

    @jmbr79 It is the American verson of the intro from Dr House

  19. beautyoftheKop Says:

    youre the best vid maker at youtube πŸ™‚

  20. LITTLEPOPEYE99 Says:

    fernando torres #1

  21. Misec10 Says:

    whatΒ΄s is the second song?

  22. dielopez90 Says:

    Fernando Torres you are the best!!!

  23. liverpoolfc998 Says:

    Great video lad πŸ™‚ Realy hope he stays πŸ™ we need him

  24. fernando1257torres Says:

    @MrWilliam15 the bravery- above and below

  25. MrWilliam15 Says:

    What’s the name of the second song please?