Fans Protest. Liverpool football club is in the wrong hands.

The Kop producing it’s voice heard. “They really don’t care about Rafa, They really don’t care about the fans, Liverpool Football Club is in the incorrect hands” ” Get out of our club, Get out of our club, You lying bas***ds get out of our club”
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26 Responses to “Fans Protest. Liverpool football club is in the wrong hands.”

  1. MBGC14 Says:

    @fcumpassion still wrong video?

  2. fcumpassion Says:


    Was merely writing a song to the same tune, you ‘tard!

  3. MBGC14 Says:

    @fcumpassion erm wrong video mate? if a liverpool fan is pissed off then they’ll go and follow the second best team in liverpool…. AFC LIVERPOOL

  4. KopiteP250505 Says:

    @sbaker12 We don’t have the right person at Liverpool now. John Henry is a capitalist knob head just like Hicks and Gillett. The difference is he’s cleverer and he chooses his words carefully and doesn’t make any promises. By doing that, he fools all the idiotic Liverpool fans, but he won’t fool me.


  5. sbaker12 Says:

    @fol2005 ditto…..we got the right yank in there now…but as a new york knick fan fuckin god do i hate lebron…that bug ugly bastard better pony up some transfer kitty guap….if he even knows what that means

  6. papahet1889 Says:

    the kop just telling the truth

  7. fcumpassion Says:

    We follow FC United,
    the club is in the right hands,
    we’re not customers,
    we’re football fans.

    If you hate modern football,
    you can see what we’ve found,
    come and join us,
    we’re building a ground.

  8. KopiteP250505 Says:

    @TwitchTM You could easily build a professional club on 2 dollars a ticket if you got rid of all-seater stadiums and brought back the mighty terraces.

  9. TwitchTM Says:

    @KopiteP250505 shut up dude seriously shut up. everything is about money these days. God quit blaming your shit on americans. seriously. your not proving anything. and if it’s about money… Your old owner is the one who sold it.. haha this world is about money dude this is the 21st century its not gonna get better. get used to it one of these days you will realize it have a good day:) when you can build a proffesional club for oh i dont 2 dollars a ticket… you let me know:)

  10. KopiteP250505 Says:

    @TwitchTM Football used to be the sport of the working class. The clubs understood that the fans were more important than profit, on the gate you paid a tiny ticket fee and the club welcomed it and showed gratitude by spending it wisely. This was the case at Liverpool more than any other club, we were so well run! Clubs made money by the sweat of their own back, by revenue from the fans. Now you have sugar-daddies throwing money about, that’s Americanisation, it’s ruined Football!

  11. TwitchTM Says:

    @KopiteP250505 isnt every other country based on money? Ha mostly every epl team you have to pay to watch highlights, that’s funny.
    Hence why i like soccer?
    and i didnt vote for obama hes a bitch i hate our government, but that has nothing to do with the fact of me liking soccer, i dont get why every person has to bitch about americans, get a life bro.

  12. mathieuiscool Says:

    @KopiteP250505 Thx mate

  13. TYLERisMiSfIt Says:

    @mathieuiscool Liverpool football club is in the wrong hands.

  14. KopiteP250505 Says:

    @mathieuiscool ‘They don’t care about Rafa, they don’t care about fans, Liverpool Football Club is in the wrong hands.’

  15. PFCboi1 Says:

    Keep an eye out on pre-match reports from Fratton Park this weekend, Pompey fans have had enough of the silence from their ‘owners’ and will be singing this song outside Frogmore Road at 2.00pm before the Leeds game.

  16. mathieuiscool Says:

    What exactly are they singing? They don’t care about the fans..? and then..?

  17. KopiteP250505 Says:

    @TwitchTM The problem with Football as a whole is it’s becoming too Americanised. Your culture is based on money, your sports are all shite, your nation is just full of capitalist Scum! NESV OUT!

  18. TwitchTM Says:

    @12Aggiefan than quit sayin “YANKS” its ONE “YANK” that is fucking it up theres a huge fan base down here. we dont represent the big shots. I love liverpool. and yeah i wish i lived over there, but its pathetic when you blame all your problems on the owner. and all of us “YANKS” so speaking. DOUCHEBAG

  19. 12Aggiefan Says:

    @TwitchTM THE EPL Is open to all nationalites but Yanks who want to destroy LFC are not welcome. BTW most Americans are of German and Irish Ancestry. British/English ancestry is 3rd place amongst Whites in America. Its closely followed by Italians as the fourth. So your wrong you idiot.

  20. TwitchTM Says:

    @12Aggiefan screw you. Yanks are off english ancestory. tellin people to get out of the club. might as well only have english players playin for the team. You hipocrit scum.

  21. 1878EFC2008 Says:


  22. BrugesFan23 Says:

    Nothing can bring anything up against the voice of the sups!
    ~Belgian LFC sup

  23. 12Aggiefan Says:

    I never agree with Liverpool fans but there right Yanks Get the Fuck out of their club!

  24. mikechelsea101 Says:

    at least this song has another few years in it yet!!

  25. KopiteP250505 Says:

    @ponytailu Paul McCartney! Are you fuckin serious? He’s an Evertonian! The only way to ensure our club’s future is to set up fan ownership.

  26. Pique Barcelona Says:

    I’ve tweeted this link to my tweeps 🙂