Eden Hazard vs Liverpool Home 11/03/10

Incredible expertise.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Eden Hazard vs Liverpool Home 11/03/10”

  1. OsoromaBVB2009 Says:

    gay music

  2. goddamnit15 Says:

    Proud To Be Belgain

  3. McBane10 Says:

    @Diffily08 ok being totally honest, Gourcuff, Cissokho, Remy, Lisandro, Bastos, Hazard are all worth AT LEAST 15million quid.

  4. Diffily08 Says:

    @McBane10 not one of them worth more than 15 million . . .

  5. McBane10 Says:

    @Diffily08 Gourcuff, Pjanic, Cissokho, Toulanan, Loic Remy, Lisandro, Kevin Gameiro, Mamadou Sakho, Valter Birsa, Michel Bastos, Eden Hazard!!! and theres more!!!

  6. ninnnnnnnnnnnnn Says:

    @TheAccurateCat on his place i would chose a team where i dont have to fight with nasri and arsavin for first team football, on the other hand in liverpool he would be starter!!!

  7. ninnnnnnnnnnnnn Says:

    @TheAccurateCat lol its only arsenal and liverpool !! and u never know

  8. TheAccurateCat Says:

    @ninnnnnnnnnnnnn sorry but with the options of arsenal and united he wont go to liverpool

  9. Diffily08 Says:

    good players dont play in the french league

  10. ninnnnnnnnnnnnn Says:

    soon it will be eden hazard with liverpool!!!

  11. Philipms196 Says:

    @fcBang you forget Eriksen, an Ajax player. 18 years old, a great talent

  12. fcBang Says:

    nowadays, in every european football countries they said to every young football player he is talented……but to Eden Hazard I deifnetly say he is a big talent in europe.

    Eden Hazard, Jack Wilshere and Romelu Lukaku are the most confidental talents in europe

  13. runescapefrog Says:

    i miss torres little flare that he brings to the table great speed great skill by torres and a magic touch if we can get him and turan i will forgot torres even existed all though there about 4 clubs wanting him and 1 of them are about to get him arsenal we will fight to get him

  14. firewa Says:

    was he playing the same standard during the away match??

  15. DCStream Says:

    @HugeArsenalFan1 He’s said he’s looking at like five different clubs.

  16. xeredinho Says:

    Eden Hazard is a supertalent like Mario Götze by Borussia Dortmund!

  17. ighnaz Says:

    very similar to nasri..

  18. ElNinoLalibre Says:

    Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea have all been owned by a little man (Messi) . Messi, what a player.

  19. jlawarsenal Says:

    when he wants to come to arsenal then why do liverpool fans think they have a chance of getting him

  20. rome880932215 Says:

    welcome to liverpool xD

  21. pieter85 Says:

    Whow, I would understand if you didnt praise him after seein 1 youtube-clip from him. But to say hes nothing special after this clip tells me you dont know a lot of football…
    I think when Giggs will quit Man Utd they could use some speedy & tricky winger like Hazard. Valencia/park/ that french dude/ arent not good enough if they wanna win the CL / EPL. Nani might be good enough.

  22. hemulinkulli Says:

    no way man united doesn’t need him..nothing special about this one.

  23. HugeArsenalFan1 Says:

    Trust me he’s Arsenal through and through, we will buy him in summer!

    Interesting how this is similar to C.R vs Manchester Utd then utd bought him. Hazard says he likes Arsenal and is coming to premier league.
    Pure talent

  24. jef2907 Says:

    @bumermerc He’s wonderkid. He’s coming to Real/Man Utd in the future, or other big clubs. trust me.

  25. cmoz88 Says:

    I remember shouting: “Get closer to him Insua! Jesus!” #LOL