Champions League – Chelsea V Liverpool (4-4) – Champions League,Chelsea V Liverpool (4-4) 14 Apr 2009 … Chelsea v Liverpool preview. Blues look to finish the career in battle to get to semi-finals. Download No cost Music,Television Shows,Movie,stay Concert NOW !!! at @
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25 Responses to “Champions League – Chelsea V Liverpool (4-4)”

  1. pooka543 Says:

    @kalamity86 But of course!!!!

  2. kalamity86 Says:

    @pooka543 and as a united fan im glad they never !)

  3. pooka543 Says:

    @kalamity86 Point taken, but this was the season where Liverpool nearly snatched the league off Man United.

  4. kalamity86 Says:

    @pooka543 liverpool declined in the early 90’s

  5. BigFella0000 Says:

    This was a great game because of what Liverpool bring to the champions league,, their just has to be opponents on the other side

  6. MagicSkillz100 Says:

    GREAT game! I watched it at everythingontv DOT cz DOT cc

  7. anthony9809 Says:

    before liverpool sold their good players ….i’m a chelsea fan btw….but not they are mid table becuz of losses like riise alonso even harry kwell and now torres

  8. cankamil1232 Says:

    Went to this game

  9. pooka543 Says:

    this is the one game where you could say this was the beginning of liverpool’s decline.

  10. abdulazizmak Says:

    I actually was sad when I missed this match… it was one hell of a match….

  11. Drogba10Ronaldo9 Says:

    one of those great, great matches full of passion

  12. bullrog12 Says:

    i hate liverpool, but i want another match like this both teams did brilliantly XD

  13. 9021665708 Says:

    The best match I have ever seen…Chelsea should have lifted the champs league that season..uefa fucked them up in the semis

  14. JudgeMagisterRobert Says:

    I remember watching this at my friends house, I expected a good game, but not this good, truly an amazing match.

  15. marcosgarcias1986 Says:

    That’s why i love CL. So manly, such a direct game with powerful shots, not like in the spanish league, for example Barcelona, touching the ball for hours, all skilled and humble persons…. boooring and kinda gay.

    Besides, Barcelona is having the best time in its History. When Xavi, Messi, Puyol and Iniesta are gone, people will start to remember who the big guns are.

  16. Z0MBREX Says:

    everytime Chelsea play Liverpool in the CL they are always such amazing matches.

  17. templarx122 Says:


  18. DosEquisGuy3 Says:

    @itsagame09 hes better than you

  19. jackiechanmonro Says:

    @maitreadams Agreed. đŸ™‚

  20. MrJavierrguez Says:

    ¿pero quien ganĂ³?

  21. maitreadams Says:

    Man U sucks

  22. MrCrappyfood Says:

    absolutely insane game!

  23. R0nanF0x Says:

    @w33444 i dont get dat question cud u say in a different way plz :L haha

  24. graniti1994 Says:

    in my opinion this was the best champions league match

  25. uchgross4 Says:

    this game maked me soooo horny