Behind the scenes at LFC kit launch 2013-14

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24 Responses to “Behind the scenes at LFC kit launch 2013-14”

  1. JamieVideos124 Says:

    Good kit

  2. XtremeFighterX2 Says:

    If you were a true Liverpool red fan you wouldn’t care where they finished.

  3. dantheman1986dc Says:

    But this home shirt looks good will be buying.

  4. dantheman1986dc Says:

    I agree Sean o gk kit would make great away kit. I’ve seen lots of leeks of the away kit and if I’m right it’s horrific! I saw this shirt leeked months ago

  5. Gunner forlife Says:

    gotcha… nice

  6. Conor O'Shaughnessy Says:

    What kind of materialdoes it use? it’s very nice kit!

  7. Yahya Nurgat Says:

    Do better than seventh in the league and perhaps I’ll consider wasting my money on this

  8. Sean o Says:

    that goalie kit should’ve been our away kit

  9. MrHamster6630ify Says:

    this is such a nice kit and i love the retro look.i love the collar and everything.i love liverpool.looking forward to getting this kit.the whole kit is lush

  10. James Miller Says:

    Just wish the yellow parts were white

  11. ilmankopites Says:


  12. Sveti Petar Says:


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  13. Jake Curran Says:

    Every fuck head saying that they are milking in the money, pretty much every big club has a new kit each season

  14. TheVarsityVillanV2 Says:

    I love it, I think it’s a good look for Sturridge being the new face of Liverpool and being the poster boy. Stevie G passing on the torch.

  15. TheVarsityVillanV2 Says:

    Warrior offer better sponsorship deals than the other companies. As a result of this Liverpool get £20 million a year from Warrior as a deal.

  16. Gunner forlife Says:

    No disrespect to warrior.. what happened to that adidas deal? anyway Club like Liverpool should always be able to get deals from Adidas, Nike, Puma, Umbro,.. they will make better kits still this is a very good kit…

  17. Dhruv Kharwar Says:

    Smart bit of kit that!!!

  18. Božidar Cumbo Says:

    Return to Adidas and Carlsberg

  19. PaluchniakYNWA Says:

    they wont be saying that about the away and third, they are horrible

  20. everlastingtip Says:

    the ban will still stand in other leagues, so id think teams would be very stupid to sign him

  21. Abhishek Kumar Says:

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  22. ouechguillaume Says:

    song ?

  23. prankukgriefing Says:

    shame about the away kit….

  24. SuperArjee Says:

    awesome song, anyone know the title? or is it just made for this ._.