Anfield Tunnel: Access All Areas v Arsenal

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24 Responses to “Anfield Tunnel: Access All Areas v Arsenal”

  1. PaulieDaVg2 Says:

    Obviously you don’t get a joke…..

  2. Zakariye Hassan Says:

    1996 you retard!

  3. Zakariye Hassan Says:

    Before the premiership there were 24 teams in what was League One. You idiot.

  4. PaulieDaVg2 Says:

    Wenger has done some shitty work since he started to train Arsenal back in 1896.

  5. whitehawk38 Says:

    premier league started in 1992. when did they win in that time?

  6. Zakariye Hassan Says:

    All though I hate Liverpool, stop lying!

  7. Zakariye Hassan Says:

    The club has won eighteen League titles, seven FA Cups and a record eight League Cups. Liverpool has won more European titles than any other English club, having won five European Cups, three UEFA Cups and three UEFA Super Cups.

  8. Zakariye Hassan Says:

    Fuck you and stop nicking chants!

  9. Sebastian Babicz Says:

    lucky motherfucking little girl….

  10. Eric Tyce Says:

    Martin skrtel = BEAST

  11. 619Monstro Says:

    no, beating newcastle is very good, they played well, yh they might not be high in the league but they still have some decent players when they played arsenal e.g demba ba, bradford was dissapointing i’m not going to lie but arsenal came back beating reading and newcastle, but i must admit i am nervous going into the chelsea v arsenal on sunday

  12. Zakariye Hassan Says:

    Jack Wilshere will rape Liverpool. Mark my words.

  13. Peter Rushton Says:

    you don’t seem to understand. losing to bradford on a scale of 1-10 in terms of shit is an 9 let’s say. beating newcastle on a scale of 1-0 in terms of good is only maybe 6 for example. LOSING TO BRADFORD IS MORE IMPRESSIVE THAN BEATING NEWCASTLE 7-3. 

  14. 619Monstro Says:

    beating newcastle 7-3 is on the other hand

  15. Peter Rushton Says:

    that’s not amazing, losing to bradford is on the other hand

  16. nevmiles Says:

    6:11, Carragher looks re-faced and exhausted already and the match hasn’t even started!

  17. 619Monstro Says:

    beating newcastle 7-3?

  18. marioskyjuicemonster Says:

    anfield need a renovation

  19. Peter Rushton Says:

    Losing to Bradford…?

  20. MrJay429 Says:

    Arsenal without RVP, still higher placed than Liverpool with Suarez. The table doesn’t lie.

    We will never become the new Liverpool. Hell Liverpool aren’t even in competition with us, EVERTON ARE!

  21. MukeshPandya1985 Says:

    4:37 - carragher – huge fake smile

  22. TheLazyAngel89 Says:

    The Liverpool players look happy to be forced into suits just before a game…

  23. mohab18 Says:

    He still scores, but for a better team.

  24. bigbird684 Says:

    fucking weirdo how is that funny?