Anfield Tunnel: Acces All Areas v Stoke City

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23 Responses to “Anfield Tunnel: Acces All Areas v Stoke City”

  1. kristenlucask Says:

    Hahaha Jay Spearing swapping shirts with Crouchie.

  2. walkingwhilesleeping Says:

    Pulis: “You okay?”
    Kenny: “Stoked.”

    Haha, nice pun there.

  3. retardmann2k Says:

    02:09 King Kenny is like ‘this music… ama get the fuck outta here’ LEGEND.

  4. anikno2 Says:

    jermain pennet blantley been wanking on the bus while listening to niki minaj 🙂

  5. Harly Roper Says:

    2:33 like a boss, Bellamy <3

  6. RikinStarInc Says:

    how can spearings shirt ever fit crouchs

  7. Jon6sic6 Says:

    thats so awesome! the liverpool way. touching the anfield sign before you walk out. BR should make it mandatory that every player touches the sign!

  8. uhGravityy Says:

    spelling retard wrong oh the irony

  9. knoble430 Says:

    Yeah but then he decided to stay, IE he remained loyal….

  10. DrSamuelLoomis Says:

    :29 moment 4 life

  11. gr3g3rz95 Says:

    I’d love to try Suarez’s drink

  12. MANDA6928 Says:

    Liverpool are finished the end

  13. MANDA6928 Says:

    What what what what what loyal did you say loyal???????????????????? He nearly went to chelsea when Jose was there and you lot burnt his shirts outside Anfield

  14. ThePeanutwillmofilms Says:

    at least gerrard is loyal to his club.

  15. callofduty7lfc Says:

    Manda u r such a flipin retart… Keep telln’ ya self ur nt frikn doochebag..!

  16. SteBrazier2K9 Says:

    If you don’t like Liverpool why are you commenting here?

  17. MANDA6928 Says:

    Have you ever won the premier league? What’s the difference between Owen and Gerard Owen has won the premier league what’s the difference between ince and redknapp yes ince has won the premier league what’s the difference between Torres and Suarez hahahaha Hahahahahaha

  18. ashleywitherow1 Says:

    Liverpool have already won the League many times- so your “funny” comment doesn’t even make sense. You really need to protect the small quantity of brain cells that you have left.

  19. Ben Hunt Says:

    Suarez’s Dre Beats! :O

  20. Boisynyster21 Says:

    That’s one LUCKY LUCKY kid! !

  21. MANDA6928 Says:

    You’ll never win the league more like hahaha

  22. Zanyar Said Says:

    6:17 – What is Pepe Reina doing with he’s teeth ?….
    7:03 – Great to see King Kenny reaching the YNWA-sign !….
    …… By the way, Liverpool fan 4 EVER – You’ll Never Walk Alone <333

  23. mrfuny1 Says:

    LOL suarez and his flask.