Andy Carroll premier league goals so far! the £35 million Liverpool man!

Andy Carroll objectives so far
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25 Responses to “Andy Carroll premier league goals so far! the £35 million Liverpool man!”

  1. kjellholst Says:

    Im sure King Kenny & Clark will make this lad shine! With two – three signings next summer, def top4

  2. ooFLooDoo Says:


  3. steveLIVERPOOL2389 Says:

    @ooFLooDoo partly true-he definatley has one of the best leaps in the league-though hes not as strong in the air as Carroll. Cahill also has good heading accuarcy so that could determine it. It just depends on what you count as “heading”.

  4. ooFLooDoo Says:

    CAHILL HAS THE BEST AND im not an everton fan so im not just saying that

  5. StephenHigdon Says:

    Best Header in the league or the world possibly.

  6. i3alboi3 Says:

    @peachiepaws007 yes but potential costs alot

  7. NUFCFTW9 Says:

    @Sharingan6277 Goodluck to Liverpool too for the derby and may andy bag some goals

  8. xiscoisgreat Says:

    @russelNUFC be coz he broke his leg for deportivo

  9. russelNUFC Says:

    Anyone notice Xisco at the start of the video?
    Why the fcuk dont we call him back from the loan if we have a ”Striker crises”

  10. JustinO0i Says:

    @mrahman1992 Please.. no new hairdo.. Remember when Torres lost all his powers when he cut his hair short? The power is in the hair.

  11. Sharingan6277 Says:

    @NUFCFTW9 Maybe if he makes it proper big @ Liverpool, then he might wanna return to Newcastle. I know he will return one day. Good luck to the Toon Army.

  12. NUFCFTW9 Says:

    @Sharingan6277 wish he would return to the toon the only difference is he wont be wearing the number 9 shirt

  13. oasispimp Says:

    how good is joey bartons crossing!

  14. McBane10 Says:

    @mrmattsmithable i hope you fall down the stairs

  15. mrmattsmithable Says:

    Hope he has a horrific injury and career at Liverpool 🙂

  16. APorterFan Says:

    Losing Torres is obviously a blow but think back to before 2007 our striking options were bellamy, fowler, kuyt, and crouch.

    At the moment we have Carroll( better than Crouch), Kuyt, Suarez (better than Bellamy), and N’gog (Ok this ones tough cause we’re talkin bout god but Fowler was 3rd to 4th choice anyway). We actually have better striking options than back then.

  17. ninnnnnnnnnnnnn Says:

    @valma1208 ok when u say that then it must be true lol go fuck off who asked u for your “smart” opinion!!!

  18. valma1208 Says:

    carroll will flop at the pool

  19. MrNewcastle4life Says:


  20. 04adgray Says:

    he is a clasic english striker, big ,strong and a great strike but he is also composed and a great finnisher when hes in the box. <3 Andy Carroll

  21. eazyduzitcpt Says:

    2:27, what a goal!!!!!!!!

  22. KazAtsuko Says:

    given the right support, he can develop into a great player,
    great buy, hes still young as well

  23. mattyman17 Says:

    we understand how it feels, newcastle supporters. it’s happened to us with fowler, owen (and torres), but it’s something that happens to every team at one time or another. everton lost rooney, spurs lost berbatov, atletico lost torres etc… newcastle will get over it.

  24. AnnaRoberts9 Says:

    I doubt it that anyone who reads this comment watches Neighbours.. but if you do, don’t you think he looks like Sophie Ramsay? Not against Andy in any way, I support Liverpool and I’m glad that we signed him, but he reminds me of a little girl from Australia… o_O

  25. Panagiwthsnufc Says:

    even though it hurts that he left, he is welcome to come back in the furure!!!!