adidas brings Liverpool FC to Ireland ‘home away from home’ to launch the club’s 2011/12 away kit

Video clip Score: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “adidas brings Liverpool FC to Ireland ‘home away from home’ to launch the club’s 2011/12 away kit”

  1. gregiegregred92 Says:

    look at the top right man 0:23. he’s a manu fan

  2. afcaj0od Says:

    Suarez, Gerrard and Kuyt
    Those are quality! horses! they keep on going….

  3. chalky345 Says:

    ahm….fuck your Steve G iv got a horse outside 🙂

  4. imtalkingtomorons Says:

    LFC forever, even tho warrior(new balance) will be their next outfitter. :'(

  5. B00012393 Says:

    @Torres9CFC actually liverpool are not a catholic club like celtic…that is everton your thinking of…if your gonna be an uninformed retard, do it on other videos

  6. EgoTripOficial Says:


  7. xxdeadsxx Says:

    FCB 🙂

  8. Torres9WeAre11 Says:

    LFC 🙂

  9. KamyCinefil Says:

    I wish I could have been there !!! That’s why I love my club. Love you Reds from France. X

  10. justforlescomments Says:

    @fabulousmarw4 HAHAHAHAHAHA. Not bad, not bad at all 😉

  11. sheroyg Says:

    Awesomo campaign

  12. Ralex004 Says:

    @Torres9CFC torres used to play for liverpool, so whatever you’re suggesting fuck off and enjoy the quality vid:)

  13. Torres9CFC Says:

    Liverpool = Celtic = Rebel Bastards

  14. whackojacko11 Says:

    Pity Gerrard cant even kick a ball these days

  15. tadhgodalaigh Says:

    up the reds and the ra!

  16. fabulousmarw4 Says:

    @justforlescomments that’s what she said LOL

  17. ibrahim653 Says:

    Steven Gerrard love the guy even tho I support Chelsea you just can’t hate on the guy he’s quality

  18. CelticBhoy1991 Says:

    Mon the Irish and Liverpool

  19. justforlescomments Says:


  20. CunzyKid Says:

    -3 -3 -3

  21. ChapmanII Says:

    Stevie G is my fav footballer and I don’t even support Liverpool

  22. Formotion7 Says:

    46 seconds, and theres nike boots?

  23. donie900 Says:

    Wish I was Fucking there.

  24. kcpctk Says:

    where is gerrard?!

  25. Shagy1908 Says:

    YNWA desde mexico!!!