★Raul Meireles ★ – ★ A Liverpool Star Is Born ★

Liverpool Star
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25 Responses to “★Raul Meireles ★ – ★ A Liverpool Star Is Born ★”

  1. 92SCOUSE Says:

    one of the best strikers of a ball in the world, not the strongest or the quickest but a class act

  2. jfranlima Says:

    Graet player! Thank you for all you played in FC Porto… 🙂

  3. 9redboy Says:

    who needs aquilani

  4. RussLFC1 Says:

    raul raul raul the red hes bald and portuguese, meireles meireles meireles meireles score a goal for me

  5. TheDevilVenom Says:

    raul meireles = king of volley

  6. SuperKopDude Says:

    Awesome player, his all-round play is nothing short of outstanding.

  7. mcmcmc333333 Says:

    He killed Chelsea!

  8. jabba820 Says:


  9. henriquegsimoes Says:

    @nwall93 And He scored Fortunatelly 😀

  10. aidanl19 Says:

    raul meireles is quality

  11. nwall93 Says:


  12. hughzi95 Says:

    @themailman43 not at the moment he’s not

  13. hughzi95 Says:

    @Johanliverpool haha fuck that, meireles is better going forward, gerrard wont score any goals like the one meireles did against wovles as long as he’s got a hole in his arse!

  14. Altairescu Says:

    @Johanliverpool Yeah, but when another attacker will come, how will King Kenny be supposed to play? I think the ideal solution would be with Gerrard behind Torres and the other striker, Maxi ( or someone better) on the left, Kuyt (or a better player) on the right, and Lucas as a defensive midfielder. That means Meireles would be dropped. I can’t see him replacing anyone. He is not comfortable on the wings, and is a weaker tackler than Lucas. It’s gonna be a tough choice for The King.

  15. dannyb2006 Says:

    rather not listen to anything

  16. astechhh Says:

    you’d think that Roy would realize that right now. shows how big an idiot he is

  17. bigv1878 Says:

    what a player he has been for the reds so far

  18. bleoling Says:

    he always will be a porto star <3

  19. Johanliverpool Says:

    with raul in the middle, stevie doesn’t need to drop deep. he can just focus on scoring with torres. YNWA

  20. themailman43 Says:

    @TheTiagomiranda Torres is also better than Meireles.

  21. RSRWCE Says:

    @soullord8 well the first one for the intro was from saw .(movie)

  22. soullord8 Says:

    what song sent my private message

  23. karlanickita Says:

    I’m portuguese and I support Liverpool. I’ve been a Meireles’ fan for a long time, and he’s great. Meireles + Torres + Gerrard, great trio!

  24. TheTiagomiranda Says:

    @lwangiler Liverpool only have a player better than meireles ! Gerrard .

  25. lwangiler Says:

    @TheTiagomiranda and he’s a beast