►Fernando Torres◄ ▌Liverpool FC? CHELSEA ▌ ~ TOP 50 GOALS @ ANFIELD! 2009-2010-2011

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25 Responses to “►Fernando Torres◄ ▌Liverpool FC? CHELSEA ▌ ~ TOP 50 GOALS @ ANFIELD! 2009-2010-2011”

  1. michelsindaha Says:

    you know what i love?when meireles scored against chelsea and then the camera was on torres …he was like a crying baby ..haha

  2. Magge123ify Says:


  3. backhandable Says:

    @MrSmokemycheese Umad bro? Just cos your some fat shit who thinks his leet doesn’t mean you can diss a team who beat you 1-0 (you also claim that they won’t be able to win anything for 5 years, which was successfully proven wrong). Now log back onto WoW or Blackops and STFU

  4. DivideAndCondom Says:

    Which is the biggest club now? Torres.

  5. JonassBonersSuckCock Says:

    He Was A Good Player, When he had long Hair

  6. LfcGoddardENGCJG Says:

    he will never play for a better team RIP Torres your as good as dead now. Liverpool FC will live on YNWA

  7. chipkin9 Says:

    @MrSmokemycheese Fuck you, ya piece of shit…I guarantee you would never say that to a Liverpudlians face…and even better you wouldn’t call an Irish Gypsy Traveller a pikey to thier face either…Cause they’d fucking smah your face to pieces ya rentboy. You lucky I aint one. What do you do for a living? Sucking men off doesn’t count as taxable cash, therefore it can’t count as a job. Grow up, Let your balls drop and STFU, Because you haven’t a clue Mate! PS Torres shoulda stayed here then!

  8. Ingle92protege Says:


  9. poorpilot00 Says:

    @MrSmokemycheese – dont dis it till you try it

  10. maghulled Says:

    @MrSmokemycheese hang on you havent got a clue bout footy mate. jus sounds like you got raped by a scoucer

  11. MrSmokemycheese Says:


  12. MrSmokemycheese Says:

    if i was torres id rather play for a good club who have a chance of winning somethin in the nxt 5years, than some shitty club up north who still think thier a proper team! too all you dumb mislead scousers out there, your teams shit stop kidding yourselves! we ent in the 80s anymore history means absolutly fuk all! gutted you all live in a dirty scrotty shithole up north full of theives, unemployed benefit scroungers,skety slags,pikeys and immigrants HAHAHA

  13. liverpoolaggud Says:

    I am happy for torres as well as liverpool…He was really good for liverpool…and i think suarez and carroll are quality young players here to stay for a good 8-10 years

  14. Clodaghloveswestlife Says:

    When he cut his hair he lost his skill along with it . . . and im a liverpool supporter

  15. xsSProductionz Says:

    @FunFunFun147 glAad you agree lol 🙂 sub to me and ill sub to you mate add me too 🙂

  16. spooky927 Says:

    Listen it was idiotic of torres to pull a stunt like he did on transfer deadline.. he said he would honor his commitment to staying with liverpool, but £ got the better of him which is a shame really.. now for the past few months he hasnt been great due to injuries and not just performing which is rather childish, so all i can say is torres good luck at chelsea but i think u made a HUGE mistake doing so!

  17. xIRideBmxBFMVIx Says:

    All the people that are bitching about him stfu it football it happens, yes it was out of order that he put it in 3 days from the end of the transfer window but still you can’t take nothing away from how great of a player he is people that are saying his shit just because his left the club are a joke

  18. xIRideBmxBFMVIx Says:

    The one against Blackburn is a good one when he turns and shoot it on the volley beautiful goal 😀

  19. scouserfowlerlfc Says:

    50 million for fernando torres, the look on his face after liverpool scored…. priceless. chelsea rent boy…. no player is bigger than the club. YNWA

  20. TheRedNumber1 Says:

    I am really upset with Torres going to chelsea but hey that’s soccer, players come and go, that’s just how it is SO STOP CALLING HIM A TRAITOR!!!!!!

  21. 786mafia786 Says:

    You spend £50 million on a guy who runs around a pitch for 65mins and hardly touches the ball, then he sees his new club getting their ass wooped by his old one…GREAT SIGNING :d

  22. DORIE3006 Says:

    as a liverpool fan this is now so hard to watch……..however fernando hasnt had that smile on his face for a long time…..and i saw no change yesterday in his chelsea debut. i agree that i cant say anything bad about the guy coz this video proves wot he did for our team. but truth is chelsea have bought an overpriced player who is passed his top form. he looks defeated and deflated. i almost feel sorry for the guy. come on fernando cheer up, i mean, u have joined a ‘bigger club’ havnt you??

  23. 1Nerevarine1 Says:

    Fernando proved he wasn’t red, Torres, Torres. The money went straight to his head, Torres, Torres. Go to Chelsea and ruin your life, we hope John Terry fucks your wife, Fernando Torres, Carrols our number 9.

    “Torres… May have to go alone.. and will go alone!” I delight in the irony. As a liverpool fan, I’ve never liked him for some reason”

  24. SparkDawg94 Says:

    @MrElFarias I agree, Don’t like the way LFC fans do that, Some do and some don’t but you mostly hear the ones that do!

  25. MrElFarias Says:

    Why all liverpool suporters now say fucking torres sucker judas etc… Better say THNX torres for all that you gave to us.